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Performance Improvement is our business. Whether a company needs to be improved for a sale to get the best possible price, wants to become more competitive in its industry, or needs to be refinanced, we have the processes to realize your goal. And we only charge a small fraction of the cash flow difference we make.

To change a situation and reach the desired goal, we identify the underlying cause that is holding the company back. The key to a permanent solution is finding the root cause and getting agreement with the whole management team. As coach or interim manager, we guide your management team through a structured, time-lined approach to lay the foundation for a strong plan.

These steps set the stage to review the corporate structure and alignment, and the financial structure. Only then do we have enough information to review the most important aspect of the business - its people. Our scientific processes take the guess work out of performance evaluation and we test the fit of each key member of the management team to their current position, as well as the team dynamics of the whole group.

The role of technology is also part of the plan making sure the improved company can compete with the best in its industry.

Once the company is on the road to improvement, it is vital to ensure a growing market demand for its products or services. We lead your management team to develop an unrefusable market offer and a long term strategy to maintain its strong position.

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