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My Book

My business novel, The Forces of Progress, is about the primary forces that can fuel or destroy progress in companies.
Available in eBook and paperback format.
By Robert Bolton - Aug 28, 2012

The Forces of Progress is written by someone who has lived and led the turbulent experience of a business turnaround. Kobus van der Zel provides insights into what drives management behaviour in turbulent times as we now are facing. The book provides practical ideas and tools for aligning various groups of people into a more focused and results driven unit. I think many of these will be become standard management practice in the future. Do keep on your bookshelf as a reference when required.
 By Rik van der Vaart - May 18, 2012

For me, this book hits the bull's-eye. Kobus builds, in a pleasantly read manner, the framework for a turnaround of any company using TOC methods and philosophies. The added value of it is the overall approach, which Eli also advocates in his work. This is a must read for all who are interested in or are working with TOC. The digital download worked flawlessly and the book was read "cover-to-cover" within 24 hrs after ordering it.
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