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Our Philosophy
Root Cause Analysis
Corporate Alignment
Team Fit Analyses
Technology Leverage
Ambitous Target
Unrefusable Market Offer
In the spirit of the Socratic approach, the team is guided through the six levels of buy-in to ensure full understanding and acceptance of the reasons for previous failures and active support for the solutions that are developed.
Root Cause Analysis
To get team agreement on the strategy for optimum cash flow, they need to understand the cause and effect of what is holding them back. 

The best way to get corporate alignment and accelerate company-wide changes in behavior and culture is through innovative incentive schemes linked directly to salaries.

Nobody turns up at work each day with the intention to mess things up, but often that is exactly what happens - often due to misalignment.

Corporate Alignment

It is the strongest way to show that the company is serious about improving its performance and that each employee’s performance matters. 

The incentive scheme is to benefit the bottom line and thus the owners.


It is a new driver leading to many new behaviors:

  • underperformers may leave, and

  • many other inefficiencies will become visible to management.

Team Fit Analysis

Many companies have a large number of mismatches between the profiles of the people running the company and the optimal set required.

We use accurate, scientific assessment tools to match workstyle profiles of key employees to the positions they hold.

It enables us to do a gap analysis to see if certain employees can be transferred to other departments to avoid losing their valuable knowledge.

A team profile analysis is also performed to get an objective view of personality interactions in a specific team. 

We roll out focused pieces of technology synchronized with our Performance Improvement strategy.

Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in this way, or adding functionality to existing modules, allows us to leverage the true power of technology, which is to increase the company’s cash flow from operations.

Technology Leverage
Ambitious Target

Our Ambitious Target process challenges management to set an operational target so high that they do not think it can be reached. The target is closely related to the factors that maximize cash flow. 

The team identifies the necessary conditions (NCs) to reach the target, and work through them to find the obstacles and intermediate objectives (IOs) required to make the NC a reality. The IOs are then time-sequenced, assigned to a person and entered into a project plan.

Not only does this process deliver unbelievable results, it also creates great team spirit and motivation.

Unrefusable Market Offer

Our Unrefusable Market Offer process challenges management and the sales team to create an offer so good their customers cannot refuse it and their competitors cannot match it.

Key here is that our Operational Improvements enables us to put together an offer that significantly increases revenues.

Our Philosophy
People are key to the success of a company. Therefore, we talk to the key players to get a full understanding about what the main causes and challenges are.
Using the Socratic approach in our analytical processes, we engage each member of the management team to develop a solution that provides them with an "Aha!" experience.
It is our mission to improve the performance of companies for owners and investors by unveiling the full cash flow ability of their operations.
We remain dedicated to maintain and develop industry best processes to achieve this through:
•    Buy-in and consensus with the management team
•    Removing the root cause preventing the company from reaching its goal
•    Alignment between personnel, company structure and corporate goals
•    Leveraging of technology
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