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A fast growing company usually faces unique challenges. We assist companies to achieve the profitable growth and cash flow they feel they should be achieving in a growing market.

Using our ambitious target process, we challenge the management team to think outside the box and plan for achieving revenue and profitability targets that at first seemed impossible to achieve.


As part of the plan, our restructuring and financing partners will assist with any merger and acquisition or capital requirements.

2 Day Opportunity Assessment
How close to its potential is your business operating? Are you realizing 80% of the possible cash flow? Only 50%? Or even much less? Our 2 day assessment will give you that figure within one week.
2 Day Opportunity Assesment
The assessment is pre-configured for every major industry which reduces the cost significantly and allows you to assess the performance of your investments much more frequently.

It includes:

  • Current, low, medium and high road financial capability scenarios (Net profit, Cash Flow, ROA);

  • Industry specific operational measurements supporting the current, low, medium and high road scenarios (Inventory/WIP Days, Lead time, On Time Delivery, Touch/Queue Time Ratio, etc.);

  • Behavior Profile/Work style reports and gap analysis for every key team member;

  • Report on your desk within one week.

These scenarios are the basis for our performance based fees.

Turnarounds and Workouts

Turnarounds and Workouts
Growth Management

Our restructuring partners are experienced in finding the most innovative combination of funding for your business once we have planned for maximized cash flow from your operations.


Restructuring the company's balance sheet is usually part of a turnaround or growth management intervention.

We are also open to taking our fees in the form of equity in the company based on reaching the agreed upon targets.

Win-Win Fee Structure
Win-Win Fee Structure

We base our fees directly on the profitability and cash flow results we achieve for our customers.

It guarantees that we pull out all the stops to ensure maximum profit and cash flow in the shortest possible time, and it drives us to continuously develop more effective ways of achieving turnaround results.

We use the results from our 2 day opportunity assessment as the the baseline for our 100% results based fees. Once engaged we only charge a percentage of the cash flow we generate above this baseline.

Our fees pay for themselves: it is a percentage of net profit or cash flow achieved above the baseline.

Our model of treating the root cause of a distressed company is ideal for owners who realize that although the short term well-being of the company is foremost, there should also be sufficient focus on the long term benefit.

A Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP) will lead your management team as Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) during a turnaround period of 6-12 months. In this time we will assist in the recruitment of a permanent CEO to continue on the strong foundation we put in place.

Most of our turnarounds and workouts are performed either for the owners of a distressed business or for the lenders and investors of a distressed business where the loan or investment is at risk.

For a loan or investment that is at risk we use our ambitious target process to generate cash from operations that no-one believed would be possible.


A CTP will lead your management team as CRO to set a cash generation target that seems impossible to achieve. This process then challenges the management team as to why this target cannot be achieved and guides them to develop a workout plan for achieving the ambitious target.

Business Owners
Lender and investors
Growth Management
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